Training Seminars & Workshops

These sessions are usually aimed at senior staff responsible for policy approval, managers with staff reporting to them and those who have to implement People Policy and Procedure matters. Employment legislation usually gets updated twice in a year, in April and October.

Such workshops are aimed at equipping new Managers and Supervisors with the framework knowledge that they need to manage people within the law and are also aimed at existing Managers seeking a refresher. Typically, workshops would include focus on Contracts of Employment, Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures and Discrimination / Bullying & Harassment.

Workshops focus on providing all those involved in the recruitment and selection processes with the knowledge and skills to avoid making costly errors through simply hiring the wrong person or from discrimination, (the only area of employment law where a non employee can sue you!). Sessions will focus on good interview techniques and developing good practice.

Workshops can be ‘one offs’ or can be prepared to follow on from ‘Effective and safe recruiting’. During the workshop, delegates can focus on the skills required to obtain information from candidates and knowledge on which to make an informed recruitment decision, always remembering to project a positive image of the company.

Workshops are usually aimed at Managers or Supervisors with staff responsibilities or who may be involved in such matters as an Investigating Officer. Contents usually cover the legal framework including the three step process:- the invitation to the meeting along with the right to be accompanied; conducting the meeting and finally providing a decision with the right of appeal. Invariably the workshops will also include investigation and effective questioning techniques.

Discrimination is clearly an area of concern for everyone in business. Sessions can be tailored to senior policy makers and managers responsible for managing staff and also to help all staff understand their role in ensuring a positive working environment. Typically, sessions would cover the obligations which exist within Discrimination law, understanding what Protected Characteristics are, e.g. Race, Sex, Disability, Age etc. and what Bullying / Harassment and Victimisation may look like.

This programme can be developed for policy / decision makers and those managers responsible for effectively managing staff and their attendance. Programmes can focus on gaining and understanding different types of absence, the legal framework surrounding absence issues, and what can be done to address prolonged or frequent sickness absence – dispelling some urban myths on the way!

People remember poorly conducted appraisals for a long time – for much longer than they remember positive appraisals. Workshops can focus on what skills appraisers need to conduct a positive and fair appraisal, especially in situations where staff have the potential to get performance related bonuses. This type of workshop is aimed at those who have to appraise staff and focuses on good appraisal interviewing practice and techniques. It can also be further developed to help appraisees to identify what benefits they can get from the process.

Workshops and Seminars can be developed on any specific issue such as an individual piece of legislation, e.g. The Bribery Act.