HR Consultancy

Consultancy projects invariably focus on helping businesses identify ways and means to create the working environment in which people want to work – one in which people are more willing to go the ‘extra mile’, or as some label it, the ‘discretionary effort’. No matter what format they take, projects are conducted in both an inclusive and collaborative manner. Examples of the type of consultancy work I undertake are listed below: –

A quantitative means by which businesses can identify to what extent its employees are aligned with the organisation’s aims and values. This tool is also a useful means by which a business can test out its internal ‘temperature’ and help determine where to place its (no doubt) limited resources – e.g. into recruitment, development planning, communication etc.

A more intimate approach to working across the width and breadth of a company to obtain qualitative data on areas in which the organisation performs well and areas in which it may wish to develop. Such groups can be invaluable in identifying blocks to progress and ways in which to remove them.

Whether further developing a current system, or designing a new process, the focus of the activity is on establishing a process which supports business aims and fits within the organisation linking to other processes such as personal development planning. Whatever its format, it will be designed to ensure it is both meaningful and valuable to everyone involved and fully supports the Company’s future plans.

In reality, a degree if staff turnover is inevitable and can be viewed positively. However, if you rate your staff highly, it’s almost a certainty that other employers will do also. People leave organisations for a variety of reasons (money isn’t always the real reason) and its invaluable to know the ‘tipping point’ for leavers. Knowing the ‘why?’ helps us to change the ‘what we do’ and identify the ‘how we do it better’

Statistics regularly tell us how much time is lost to absence and put a direct cost to this absence. But absence not only costs in terms of sick pay and additional staffing costs, it also has a draining effect on everyone – the manager who has to change plans to cope with the absence and the employees who pick up the additional burden. Understanding the nature of the absence can lead to successfully managing it effectively and in a positive way. Results are often quickly tangible.

Even when you’ve got your staff turnover down to an acceptable level there will be occasions when you will need to recruit either planned additional staff or unplanned replacement staff. You may wish to develop an image and process which creates a positive impact on external potential candidates, while not forgetting your potential internal candidates too.

We all know that recruitment decisions are critical yet many businesses make so many recruitment errors and put so much down to chance. Many companies now recognise that a positive approach / attitude can be at least as important as what’s on a CV…..

I work with businesses to develop accurate Job and Person Specifications and to help them to interview and select against these specifications, often managing specific recruitment exercises. The key message here is often not what the candidate has done in their previous work; it is how they have done it that matters. Developing a competency based interview framework for an interview will pay dividends and helps provide an objective basis on which to help defend any potential claims of bias or discrimination. Always remember – a person’s past behaviour is the greatest indicator of their future performance.

I provide HR expertise on one-off projects such as the establishment of a new HR function or the restructuring of an existing one. Other projects may cover HR related matters such as the design of payment and bonus structures and process-driven Compliance based projects.

Consultancy to me is about equipping the client to manage his or her own future needs on an ongoing basis – providing the expertise to diagnose and to provide the tools and skills to enable the client to move on without my direct ongoing input.

However, there will be occasions when there is a greater ongoing need for support on a generalist HR basis and I provide both Interim and part time outsourced HR Director / Manager Services.

These arrangements provide cost effective services, which can be structured on a regular or ‘call off’ basis, often for smaller businesses which cannot afford or do not need a full time experienced HR professional.