Specialist Investigations

Grievance and Disciplinary issues have the ability to tear the very heart out of any employment relationship.

Handled poorly, they can have a significant and negative impact on any workforce because, let’s face it, these matters just don’t always remain confidential – they’re often the ‘worst kept secret’ in the organisation.

Getting it wrong may also give rise to an expensive Tribunal claim being issued for Unfair or Constructive Dismissal and / or any of the potential Discrimination claims.

Why get an external Investigator? There’s a multitude of reasons which include:

• The independence of thought and objectivity helps provide a more robust defence at Tribunal
• Greater credibility with the internal perception of the process and outcome
• A lack of available time or expertise internally
• Internal staff being already ‘compromised’

I have undertaken a wide variety of investigations which include:
• Grievance
• Disciplinary / ‘Case to Answer’
• Appeals
• Bullying and / or Harassment
• Discrimination

Examples of my work include:

To investigate alleged inappropriate conduct by a Director after being placed ‘at risk’ of redundancy.
‘Case to Answer’ Report prepared for the Company, outlining numerous potential Misconduct and Gross Misconduct issues along with questioning whether trust and confidence had broken down in the employment relationship.

To investigate potential breaches of confidence by a Director
Dismissal on a number of counts of Gross Misconduct and breakdown in trust and confidence

To investigate allegations of Misconduct in respect of serious breach of procedures
No ‘case to answer’ but gaps highlighted in critical procedures leading to review and employee training processes being further developed

Grievance just arisen? Problem with an employee just surfaced? Need clarity on an issue before action?

Feel free to pick up the phone and call me.

I’ll give you an honest appraisal and outline the process for you to follow.

And it goes without saying that it’s confidential.