Please see below the links for some organisations which are important or useful to me. Some are both.

acas seems to have been around for ever providing help to both employers and employees alike.  Always a useful place to go for some impartial advice and / or information.  Click Here to Visit ACAS website
Not all of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s information and resources are restricted to members only. It’s always worth a look.  It must be good as it’s had me as a member for far too many years to mention now. Click Here to Visit CIPD Website.
Simply amazing.  That says it all.  Click Here to Visit Magpas Website.
I grew up on the coast so I know the great work that the Lifeboats do. It also happens to be in memory of my best friend Al and was his charity of choice.  Click Here to Visit RNLI Website.
Nobody said that life would be easy…….but support the boys, and make some noise…… Click Here to Visit Cardiff City Website.
Still, and will always be a part of Cardiff. Click Here to Visit Brains Beer Website.
The Boss – just seems to have been a constant and ongoing part of my life. Click Here to Visit The Boss’s Website.