No, I believe the employment relationship is just that – a relationship in which I believe the legal framework is a foundation. If it was just about legal compliance, I would have trained as a lawyer. Hopefully the rest of this site will give you more of an idea of how HR can really add real value to your business.

No. Nor Pensions. Nor Payroll. I leave these to the specialists. I focus on what I know….my own areas of speciality and expertise. This way you know you’re going to get great value.

Pretty much anywhere. Living on the Herts / Beds / Cambs borders, access to the City and the Motorway network is both quick and easy.

Simple – to reflect the nature of the work. Agreed fixed monthly fees work well for retained work. I will endeavour to provide a fixed or capped fee for consultancy work depending on the nature of the project. For some types of work, for example, certain investigations, a daily or hourly rate is most practical.

Because your lawyer, no matter how good, cannot become compromised by becoming directly involved beyond offering advice on any matter or issue. They probably won’t hold your hand through an employment issues such as a disciplinary and they will be unlikely to undertake any particular investigation which you may need. When you need to take advice, I can do this time (and therefore cost) effectively given my expertise in employment issues.