So why should you botherfretworry with HR?

Grow your business

What I do

HR Consultancy

Helping identify ways and means to create the working environment in which people want to work.

Employment Compliance

Supporting businesses on legal compliance issues, from drafting the documentation required by law through to facilitating procedures such as redundancy and TUPE. After all, these are the very basis on which any and all employment relationships are based.

Specialist Investigation

Such investigations vary widely in their nature. An independent investigator provides an unbiased and objective assessment of, for example, grievance or disciplinary matters including appeals against dismissal. They're often the jobs that nobody else wants to do!!

Training Seminars / Workshops

Devised with and tailored for individual organisations, programmes are aimed at developing a business's internal capability to manage and lead its staff effectively.

Where I do it

Although much of my work is undertaken in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, London and East Anglia, I work with clients pretty much anywhere in the UK and Europe.

What I don't do

I only do what I'm good at. So I don't run payrolls or advise on pension stuff. I also think that Health & Safety's far too important not to be left to the experts in that field. And I don't waste your time.