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Jon Phillips

Why Me?

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You’re probably looking at this because you own or are in a senior role in a business.  As you know, nobody rushes into work early because they have a legally compliant and up to date Contract of Employment. Neither are they motivated to stay on beyond their normal hours to finish a job because they have a really comprehensive Employee / Staff Handbook.


The question or problem that you probably have is finding out how to get your staff switched on to what the business wants and needs, and, more importantly, getting them to want to do well both in, and for, your business.


It’s not always easy, but often neither is it as hard as you may think.  Creating both the right working relationship and environment has massive and often rapid benefits for your business. For example: -


·       Attracting the best people to your business

·       Keeping them thereby reducing staff turnover. Remember, it’s normally your best staff who are attractive to your competitors

·       Reducing both the obvious and hidden costs of absenteeism

·       Increasing sales through strong relationships with clients

·       Generating new ideas for products or efficiencies


Take 2 minutes –        


·       Imagine how the bottom line looks without having to spend on excessive recruitment fees and legal costs

·       Now add the money saved on not having to cover absence

·       Now think of the impact of increased sales both to existing and new customers

·       Add in the benefits of efficiencies identified internally


Makes sense?


Positive working environments and relationships just make good business sense.


Cue HR.  Cue JP.