Jon Phillips

Who and What am I?

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I’m a pretty down to earth Welsh bloke with a passion for Bruce Springsteen, Brains Beer, Cardiff City, Welsh football, Welsh rugby, my wife Jen and our two great kids. Although not necessarily in that order as I’d like to stay married. Oops, nearly forgot the mad Springer Spaniel with the great 80's perm, Tilly.

I always tell people that old cliché, ‘what you see is what you get’. Which, according to my doctor  who commented when I was training for a charity fund raising trek in the Himalayas was “you are clinically obese”. And he didn’t give me a donation. 

I still raised over £3,000 though.

Basically then, I’m a sort of fat bloke with a good heart.

I love history and probably read more now than I ever did for my degree. I do believe that we can learn from history to benefit our businesses. We can learn so much from true leaders like George Washington, Robert E. Lee and Martin Luther King. 


George Washington’s Continental Army’s unexpected crossing of the icy Delaware River on Christmas night 1776 preceded its surprise attack against mercenary Hessian forces based in Trenton, New Jersey on the morning of December 26. Its stunning ‘against the odds’ victory became a pivotal moment in the American Revolution.

I love having a laugh although I may appear to be both a dour and miserable old git. If I look a bit dark and mysterious, then that’s just the Welsh in me. My buzz is working with people who want to have some fun in what they do, no matter how serious the issue. I have a natural enthusiasm for change and the view ‘we do it that way because that’s how we’ve always done it’ means diddly squat to me. After all, if you do what you’ve always done, why should you be surprised when you get what you’ve always got? I love open minded approaches and get switched on working in this way whether it's from the top down or the bottom up.

As much as I love the Boss (that’s Bruce not the wife although I love her too – just in case she reads this, can’t be too careful), I can’t sing to save my life - there's another stereotype bitten the dust. I like a good curry and a few beers with my mates and going go see The City with my son (will this season really be any different as please, we can’t face the recent misery again….).

Ulysses S. Grant (1822 – 1885) led the Union troops in their final defeat of the Confederate forces outside of Richmond, Virginia, effectively ending the American Civil War in 1865. Despite being a mediocre cadet and later leaving the army to avoid being drummed out, Grant's career highlighted with siege and victory at Vicksburg. The strategically brilliant capture of the town on the banks of the Mississippi marked one of the turning points in the war.

The kids still just about talk to me, so I must have done some things right as a dad (I always find that bribery seems to work). I still haven’t worked out why Jen married me in the first place and I’m sure I should show a bit more gratitude? Sensitivity? Or just take the rubbish out more often?

I am passionate about working with people to get results. I like the tangible. I’m also passionate about my first cup of coffee in the morning and am at my real best when I’ve been awake for at least 30 minutes post caffeine.